I’ve been in the process of seeking out online Forex trading software. In the process, I stumbled upon information about MetaTrader 4 & 5.

MetaTrader 4

This software is made up of six main parts: The server, manager, administrator, data center, and client terminal, as well as mobile terminal.

Function-The main role of this software is to help serve over 10,000 traders with all of them working at the same time. This system is also designed to process many different financial symbols. Each main component of this program along with its convenient mobile trading and automated trading functions makes it perfect for financial markets.

MetaTrader 5 (2010 Release)

It is an advanced trading terminal that may have some benefit to you, depending upon your trading objectives. Keep in mind that this particular software may be more advanced, and meant more for seasoned investors and brokers.


Function-Meta Trader 5 is designed to help organize brokerage services. Therefore, all futures, currency, equity, and CFD market info is keep in tact. This is done so that you as a broker can offer your client great services.
Using this program, you can allow your clients to trade in multiple platforms. All this is done from one main account.

Note: This program is currently in the beta testing stage. The official release of it is in 2010. If you want to experience the beta testing software, you can download it via the MetaQuotes.com website.

Pros and Cons

The MetaTrader 4 as well as the upcoming 5th version are designed to be user-friendly. Yet, they have a very professional purpose. Furthermore, it is considered a highly flexible trading platform.

It has the power to enable all aspects of trading quite easily and efficiently. This software offers support in many different languages.

It seems to be one that has a positive report within the trading community as well. Some people have found it quite reliable. However, it may not be for everyone.

Consumer Responses

Consumers confirm that it is very easy to use. Non-advanced investors and traders can even use it. However, one user mentioned not receiving any support from the broker or developer. On the contrary, another user mentions not having any problems at all.

In spite of not a total 100% satisfaction rating, this product seems to work well overall. The discrepancies in users may be in using the beta tested version versus the live full version.

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