Are you worried about the forex markets? Thinking that your portfolio isn’t going to be trading properly? It’s time to relax! That’s right, we said it — it’s time to relax and try not to take life too seriously!

How can we say that? How can we think that forex trading is a game?! We’re not saying any of that. We are saying that trading anxiety in the world of forex is something that you have to correct right away. if you worry too much about the way your trading portfolio is set up, you’ll end up making costly mistakes that will cost you big in the long run. It’s better to step back from time to time and make sure that you have the core concepts taken care of.

You have to forgive yourself for any mistakes you make as a trader. No one, not even the super traders, are going to have perfect days every day. There are times where mistakes are going to cost everyone from one point or another. What makes the difference is how you handle the mistakes. If you give up and don’t try to move on, you lose the ability to really be objective. You lose the ability to be strong in your decisions. You lose the power to truly control your destiny through sharp trading.

Sometimes people find that they really benefit from keeping a trading journal. It sounds silly, but being able to look back at your victories as well as your defeats can help you stay in the game a little longer.

This is a journey, and you have to be committed to going to the very end. Except there’s a secret that you probably have figured out by now — there’s never really going to be an “ending”. There’s always going to be a point where you will need to know more information. You will need more challenges. You will have times where you will succeed and wonder what else there really is. These feelings are all normal. You don’t want to go into the markets when you’re feeling upset. That’s going to cause you try to “win back” money that you lost, and that’s usually going to lead to even more losses.

So now is the time to unplug and assess where you are in the forex game. if you’re a solo trader, you might need to join a forum and bond with other forex players. Even though we think that advice in the forums tends to be a little hit or miss, there’s nothing hit or miss about being able to bond with players that have the same desires that you do.

There are people that will try to use your losses to get you to back out of the market completely. If you know that forex is really part of your overall blueprint, then there’s no reason to skip over it, is there? Not at all!

Hang in there, and don’t give up!

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