Forex is all about practice — but you cannot tell a good majority of the new forex traders that fall into the industry every year. They assume that Their Portfolio Is Different, just as many new business owners assume that Their Business Is Different. Either way, it’s a mentality that can easily leave you broke. What would be the real sense in that? You’re a lot better off thinking about the type of future that you wish to create in the world of investing, and learning the mechanics that can help get you there. If you’re only thinking about the big profits that you’re going to make without any regard for the mechanics that can propel your portfolio in that direction, you’re really doing yourself a severe disadvantage.

This is so important that we’ll say it again, just a little differently: if you are so caught up in the money without figuring out where it really comes from, you’re in for a load of trouble. You have to make sure that you are doing your fair share of demoing.

A lot of traders hate demo accounts, but we don’t really know why. If you’re interested in red hot profits from one of the hottest trends in forex, then it’s time to handle binary options practice with a little more grace than what you’ve probably shown up to this point. It’s all about getting the inner workings of the methods down pat.

You won’t find that advice on many sites. Sure, we could sell you on all of the different brokers that are out there. We recommend that you look at good reviews from real traders, and then look for brokers that give you a free account to play with. They’re not doing this just to be kind — they know that if you practice on one platform, you’re likely to go there when you’re ready to cut your teeth in the real markets. It’s going to be up to you to figure out where you wish to go from here, but one thing is clear: practicing is the key.

There are plenty of successful traders out there, but many of them attribute their demo accounts towards their success. Nothing really good happens without a demo account. You might think that you know forex because you’ve looked at theory, but we have news for you. Theory is nothing without taking some serious action. Forex, like fortune, favors the bold!

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